Advantages Of A Wireless Home Security Video Camera System

Installing a wireless home security camera system can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. An experienced robber knows he or she has a couple of minutes after an alarm sounds to grab something of value. Nevertheless, a camera adds that extra deterrent aspect that a lot of audible signals don’t have.

Your family’s’ security is the most critical concern in your life. Regrettably, nowadays a growing number of individuals are turning to crime because of the scenario they are facing since of the current economy. Data prove that installing an alarm of any type minimises the chance of being preyed on. A cam system improves those data significantly. So if you are investigating alarm system systems, your most excellent choice is to choose a wireless network.

What to expect out of a wireless security camera system?

Wireless home security cameras are much more comfortable and quicker to install. This means added cost savings to the house owner because they can typically fix the system without hiring costly specialists. Nevertheless, if you do choose to hire a professional, your expenses will be less than with a wired network indeed because there is no wire installation and therefore reduced male hour expenses. Most of the time you just set up the cams at the designated places, place your recorder in an excellent location, do a few system checks, and you are done.

An included perk to the wireless electronic cameras is advanced circuitry. This indicates intruders will have a more difficult time bypassing the cam system. o Wires suggest no cutting to eliminate the policy. Many wireless networks have battery backups and if combined with an audible system will have the ability to utilise mobile phone innovation in case something fails. This means a lot more security as slicing the phone line into the home will not disable the system. It will just utilise its battery backup power and alert the authorities quickly if you subscribe to a home alarm service .

A wireless home security cam system can be a valuable investment not just for your households’ security however likewise to lower insurance expenses. This low-cost security step will add value to your home when re-selling, costs savings when refinancing or insuring, and complete peace of mind that your household is safe.

Do Security Alarms Really Provide Security for Home and Business

Most people who are considering an upgrade in security efforts ask this question. The problem is that the answer isn’t a simple yes or no but a very long, drawn, out and complicated answer that is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. I will explain this below and hope it helps you make the best decision for your home or business security needs. You are the only one that can make the final decision as to whether or not a silent alarm is best for the needs of your home or business.

Combined with a monitoring service, a silent alarm can let the monitoring service know immediately that something is rotten in Denmark so to speak. The problem is that it takes time for the security company to respond. Most home and business owners have the option of response by the company in charge of your security system or response by police. There are pros and cons on both sides of the issue. The ultimate answer is that the alarm company representatives are likely to show up in less time than it would take police to respond (intrusions-even for businesses are not a high priority crime these days) but the hired security guards are generally unarmed, somewhat unskilled, and offer very little to deter a determined criminal.

Private security firms often employ low wage workers; some who have criminal records themselves. This is enough for many people to elect the option of having the police respond to alarms. Be aware however, that in many areas there is a charge involved when police respond to false alarms. Some police will allow two false alarms and then charge rather serious charges in order to avoid wasting the time of officers that could be protecting and serving elsewhere. All in all, many people will take the risks of security companies over the risks of being forced to shell out too much money in the event of false alarms. Be sure to check with the policies of your local security companies as well as your local police before deciding which is in the best interest of your home or business.

When it comes to criminals, most of the good ones have been around the block a time or two and are well aware of what the average response time in the area is for both police and various security companies. For this reason many of them will have staked out the place, have a good idea of what company handles your security, where valuable items are located, and have a quick escape route planned. In other words, having a silent alarm offers no real deterrent for the criminal with a game plan and more often than not he or she will be in and out and have what he or she is looking for well within the time frame of police or security company response.

More importantly however, silent alarms do not attract attention. Attention is something that the wise intruder seeks to avoid as it leads to capture and identification. Loud alarms work best for getting the attention of neighbors and passersby (for businesses) if nothing else for the annoyance factor. Neighbors will head outdoors in hopes of getting you to turn your alarm off only to discover that it isn’t a false alarm. A neighbor reporting a crime in the act (an eyewitness) is far more likely to gain a faster police response than an alarm company reporting what may amount to a false alarm.

It is a great idea to have a security system installed in your home or business. It is also great that many home and business owners are considerate of their neighbors when choosing a silent alarm system. The truth of the matter is though that silent alarms offer no real deterrent to criminals and that is what most people seek when installing an alarm system.

Home Security Systems

Monitoring your home security system has never been easier but there are several things you need to consider before committing yourself to a long term monitoring agreement with any alarm company

Alarm companies don’t make the majority of their profit from selling security systems, it comes from accumulating a large base of alarm-monitoring contracts. In fact these monitoring contracts are so profitable that they are frequently bought and sold like mortgage notes.

Tip #1 Ask if they are an authorized alarm dealer or a represent a marketing company.
Marketing companies have learned to flood a market with fantastic offers on security systems with the sole purpose of selling the contracts at a profit. They often use any sub-contractor available, which can lead to poor customer service once the marketing company leaves town.

Once you find a reputable alarm company ask them to come out to your home and give you a quote. You’ll find that most will quote you a basic security system at a reasonable price. These basic security systems generally include an control panel, keypad, motion detector, a couple of door contacts, inside siren, a yard sign and warning decals

Tip #2 Make sure the equipment can be monitored by any alarm company not by just the one selling it to you. If they use proprietary security equipment you could be left
in a bind should you become dissatisfied with their service for any reason. Ademco, DSC,& Caddx are well known manufacturers and can be monitored by any one.

Some companies offer low a low installation charge of $99.00 or will give you a “FREE” security system. Many do so if you put a security sign in your yard for advertising purposes and commit to a long-term alarm-monitoring contract.

Since the installation charge doesn’t cover the true cost of the equipment and labor, you are charged a substantial monthly fee to recoup their investment. These “deals” or equipment leases aren’t necessarily bad but make it hard to evaluate the true cost to you over time.

The best way to evaluate your contract is to ask the salesman to give you a quote to purchase the security system outright and show the home alarm-monitoring fee separately. Most of the time you are better off buying the alarm system because your monitoring fee will be much less.

For example. Say for $99 your monitoring fee is $35 per month for 3 years
you total cost for monitoring your home alarm is $1359.00 Your fee
will remain $35 per month or even increase.

On the other hand say you pay $599.00 installation and $20 dollars a month your total cost is $1319. Not only is your overall cost less but from year 3 on your will be saving $180 per year. This savings would be better spent on upgrading your alarm system to include fire monitoring and added perimeter protection

Tip #3 Don’t pay additional charges for medical or fire monitoring.
It’s ok to pay for the equipment needed but some companies charge $2-$5 extra for these services. These options are easily programmed into the alarm system and don’t require any additional effort to monitor.

Is A Basic Security System For You?

The answer is probably not. Basic systems only cover your doors and are supplemented by the use of a motion detector. This detector is usually mounted in the main hallway to catch a burglar crossing the center of the home. If they come through a bedroom window and never pass by the motion detector, the alarm system will never sound. Imagine being home at the time this happens. Basic security systems are best used as a deterrent to a break in and to notify the authorities an alarm condition exist.

Adding perimeter protection such as window contacts or glass break detectors should be high on the list of upgrades. These types of upgrades not only activate the alarm system instantly but also will give you piece of mind while you are home.

Door Alarm Systems

One way of protection for your love ones and properties is to install door alarm systems in your home or establishment. Door alarm systems provide additional protection against intruders or unwanted guests. Door alarm systems are basic security alarm systems.

The most commonly used devices for door alarm systems are magnetic switches and contact switches. Most door alarm systems have door chimes; microphone and speaker systems. Some have close circuit surveillance cameras. Door alarm and chimes enables the occupant of the house or building to identify who is on the other side of the door. While the microphone and speaker system enables the person on each side of the door to communicate with one another, the surveillance camera enables the occupant to see the physical appearance of the guest or intruder.

Some door alarm systems are equipped with passive infrared system which detects movements in the vicinity of the door. Some door alarm systems even have keypad that has a programmable security code which a wrong code if keyed in will set off an alarm like a siren accompanied with flashing lights. Some door alarm systems have automatic latching devices, which will automatically lock the door if the alarm is set off. In case the alarm is set off accidentally the owner must key in the security code to disengage the alarm.

Having a loud audible alarm is an effective way to discourage burglars. Catching attention is what burglars avoid.
There are three types of contacts for. These are “recessed contacts”, “surface mount contacts” and “roller ball contacts”. Recessed contacts are the types that are concealed in door jams. The surface mount contacts have the same function as recessed contacts; these contacts are not hidden. The roller ball contacts are placed on the hinge side of the door.

All three types operate on the same switching principle where an electrical circuit activates the alarm as the door is opened breaking the circuit.

Always remember that the most common entry on every structure (be it a building or a house) is through the door. Hence, the importance of door security alarms.